TerrAmazon Organic Cacao Pó com Maca - 4 oz

TerrAmazon Organic Cacao Pó com Maca 4 oz

Nome: TerrAmazon Organic Cacao Powder with Maca - 4 oz
Marca: TerrAmazon
Código de Barras: 00856308000194

Descrição: Organic Cacao Powder with Maca -- 4 oz. A remote area, deep in the Amazon Rainforest, offers a precious gift from nature: Criollo - the rarest and most treasured variety of cacao. Allow yourself to indulge in TerrAmazons pure cacao powder produced from carefully selected Criollo cacao beans. Its exquisite soft texture and full-bodied aroma will stir your spirit. Maca is a root vegetable from the radish family and a nutrient-dense food. This superfood has been considered The Fountain of Youth by Peruvian natives for centuries. TerrAmazons roasted maca is mild in taste and obtained from the finest of organic sources. When combined with the unadulterated, antioxidant-rich cacao powder, the two substances provide a double delight of well-being. TerrAmazon seeks to maintain the sustainability chain that preserves the rainforest and its people.

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