SunFood Maca Extreme - 8 oz

SunFood Maca Extreme 8 oz

Nome: SunFood Maca Extreme - 8 oz
Marca: Sunfood
Código de Barras: 00803813906107

Descrição: Maca Extreme -- 8 oz. Sunfood is proud to present Maca Extreme! Maca is a Peruvian superfood which has traditionally been used for enhancing strength, fertility, sensuality, and helping the body adapt to stress. Maca Extreme is a unique form of maca that is more powerful and more bio-available than regular maca root powder. This form of maca elevates us to a higher level, to help our bodies address the challenges and stresses of our world while providing the resources to excel in all of our health goals. More Powerful Maca Extreme contains all the active constituents of the maca root, preserved at their highest potency. More Bio-Available Maca Extreme is a raw, superfood that appears as an extremely fine powder, with all enzymes intact. Native Wisdom Elevated Ancient support that helps us adapt to multiple types of stress (physical, mental, emotional).

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