MMUSA ATP Creatina Serum Morango - 5.1 fl oz

MMUSA ATP Creatina Serum Morango - 5.1 fl oz


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Descrição:  ATP Creatine Serum Strawberry -- 5.1 fl oz. FROM GOAL SETTER TO GOAL GETTER You know what a difference an inch can make. Around your biceps or off your waist. Its everything you work towards and the focus of your goals. The rewards are great and the feelings of accomplishment are even greater. Now you can reach those goals quicker, through longer, more productive workouts. Creatine serum supplementation has helped boost energy and stamina, increase muscle strength, buffer lactic acid buildup to delay fatigue and significantly increase muscular development. Without the pain of loading mega doses, cycling, maintenance and associated side effects. Until MMUSAs innovative creatine serum formulation, creatine supplementation has not been without its difficulties. In its solid form, creatine is insoluble and requires long periods of loading, leaving athletes with the risk of side effects that include dehydration, bloating and cramping. Now MMUSA offers the worlds only soluble Creatine Phosphate Complex, ATP Creatine Serum. Formulated from only the purest natural ingredients, it is safe, fast acting and free of side effects. Painless to administer and convenient to use, ATP Creatine Serum has been the choice of winning athletes worldwide. SOLUBLE, STABLE AND NO SIDE EFFECTS. Unlike powder or powders suspended in liquids, ATP Creatine Serum is absorbed quickly and efficiently. Taken with a dropper in small doses under the tongue, the serum is quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth, bypassing the stomach and digestive system and thereby retaining a much higher potency. In contrast, other forms of creatine can take up to an hour to digest in addition to a loading period of five days and daily maintenance. For example, the equivalent of 2500mg of creatine monohydrate powder per serving is assimilated into the bloodstream within minutes. As a result, there is no time for the waste product, creatinine to develop. Due to

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