Hair Fitness Priority Male Suplemento - 120 Comprimidos

Hair Fitness Priority Male Suplemento - 120 Comprimidos


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Marca:  Hair Fitness
Código de Barras:  00740328438429

Descrição:  Priority Male is a complete multi-nutrient formula containing vitamins A through E, and Essential Fatty Acids in the form of flax meal and pumpkin seed. Superior forms of Zinc and Chromium are included as US-patented OptiZinc and ChromeMate. These two minerals are depleted after ejaculation and other processes and, when not replaced, DHT elevates. This in turn stimulates prolactin production, having the net effect of softening a mans body tone. In the worst case, it may eventually cause a man to develop the appearance of breasts. Priority Male Beneficial Effectss this cascade of events and encourages a more male man to emerge complete with more hair on his head, a leaner, more muscular body and better urinary and sexual performance. Chromium increases lean body weight percentage due to muscle gain as well as fat loss.

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