Muscle Pharm Assault Fruit Punch - 1.62 libras

Muscle Pharm Assault Fruit Punch - 1.62 libras


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Marca:  Muscle Pharm
Código de Barras:  00736211052575

Descrição:  Assault Fruit Punch -- 1.62 lbs. Assaults clinically proven formula combines the vital powerhouse active ingredients above with several key synergists into 3 MATRICES formulated to maximize performance-enhancing impact. Muscle Explosion NO Matrix: Powerful volumizing compounds, hydrogen ion scavengers and anti-fatigue agents work synergistically to keep muscles jammed, full and tight, with more contractile power than Mother Nature ever anticipated. Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix: Creatine Micro-Dosing maximizes bio-availability and eliminates negative side effects (eg, cramping) of other inefficient creatine supplements that require massive doses. Assault leads to gigantic gains in strength and power. Mind Connection Matrix: This Matrix contains a unique and potent focus formula, designed to improve alertness and concentration capabilities. More than any caffeine-based jitter product, ASSAULT feeds the body, and razor-sharpens mental function without increased cardiac stimulation. The tests prove it: Assault is the only pre-workout that is certified by the NSF and Informed-Choice.

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Estas declarações não foram avaliadas pela FDA nos EUA ou qualquer agência governamental. Este produto não se destina a diagnosticar, tratar, curar ou prevenir doenças no Brasil.

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