Vaxa Parasitic Cleansing Program - 60 Cápsulas

Vaxa Parasitic Cleansing Program - 60 Cápsulas


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Descrição:  Why an Anti-Parasitic Cleansing Program is Essential for Good Health... Parasites (protozoan, roundworms, tapeworms, etc) are a common insidious infection which affect at least 85% of the population at some point in their lives, both children and adults. Infection occurs much more frequently than many imagine. Most infections of parasites come from our food and water sources. Undercooked meat (watch out for rare meat- beef, poultry, and pork!) and undercooked, raw seafood (sushi!) are the most common vectors, as well as unwashed and undercooked fruits and vegetables. Drinking contaminated water and swimming in natural lakes and rivers will expose us to parasites as well. Parasites can also be transmitted by human contact alone, through the shaking of someones hand, drinking from the same glass, eating from the same utensils, kissing (even a kiss on the cheek could transfer some parasites which could either enter the skin at that point or migrate across your skin into your mouth), sneezing and other exchanges of body fluids. Animals (pets and their fleas/mites/ticks) are also common vectors (ie, carriers) which transmit the parasite to human hosts. Simply petting and grooming our pets can facilitate infection; the parasites eggs passing from their fur to our hands, nose, and mouth. Some parasites (eg. pinworms) can even be transmitted through the air, and are in the dust we breath. Its likely, therefore, that those who live in the same household will all have the same parasitic infections, whether theyre currently presenting any symptomolgy or not. Eradicate the Following Infectious Parasites from Your Body: Protozoan are organ

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